Avaruusseikkailu 2020: Lähtölaskenta!

Vapaan Taiteen Tila 19.1

Photos: Emiliano Verrocchio

Photos: Eero Saunamäki

Live-taltiointi konsertistamme Avaruusseikkailu 2020: Lähtölaskenta! 19.1.2020 Vapaan Taiteen Tilassa

1. Field Research / Kenttätutkimus
2. Data processing / Analysointi (09:36)
3. Diffusion of Results / Tulokset (31:45)

Ave Maris Stella is a concert installation in three parts, that is realised through live-electronics and experimental instrument building. It can be seen to provide a perspective into the Marian ceremoniesof theRenaissance. The work is dedicated to the Saxtronauts,paying homage to researchers alike throughout history.

Ave Maris Stella on kolmiosainen konsertti-installaatio, joka toteutetaan eloelektroniikkaa ja kokeellista soitinrakennusta hyödyntäen. Teos on näkökulma renessanssin ajan mariaanisille seremonioille ja on omistettu Saxtronauteille kunnioittaen heidän kaltaisiaan eri aikakausien tutkimusmatkailijoita.

Composer: Lauri Supponen
Performers: Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Sikri Lehko, Nanna Ikonen
Live audio recording: Tuomas Kettunen
Video: Emiliano Verrocchio
Nuño Fernández Ezquerra: Plerion (2019)

Live recording from Anna-Sofia’s master concert at the Sibelius Academy R-building concert hall 30th of November 2020.

A plerion or “pulsar wind nebula” is a type of nebula found inside the shells of supernova remnants which contain a central pulsar (a rotating neutron star that emits electromagnetic radiation). The present piece, alludes to one plerion in particular: SN 1054, better known as “Crab Nebula”. Through a nearly constant mass of sound, the slow pace in the transformation of the material and its intrinsic quietness, the piece acquires a very contemplative and meditative nature. Plerion proposes an immersive, almost ritualistic, experience to the listener.

Taking the supernova remnant as a metaphor, Plerion reflects on energy and its multiple transformations. These space phenomena are the echo of a star whose explosion produced a vast amount of energy; energy that remains and could potentially become something else. From the nature of supernovae and their ulterior remnants arises a mystical reflection on human existence, life, death, transcending the limits of our condition and the demolition those boundaries that apparently define us.